If you didn’t know, the food in France is incredible, and I’m not just talking about the restaurants. Yes, the high-class, fancy, sit down restaurants are delicious, but there is good food to be found throughout the entire city, in all sorts of places. I’ve spent almost three weeks here, and I’ve sampled food from the shelves of supermarkets, Lebanese restaurants, cramped burger places, street corner creperies, outdoor markets, and more, and I have something good to say about all of them, and I wanted to share some of what I’ve discovered.


The desserts of east side burgers

A week or so ago, I discovered a place called East Side Burgers. It’s a small but modern café type place along the road, and the interesting thing about it is that it’s entirely vegetarian. The burgers are made from tofu or other grains, and various veggies are tossed on as well. In brief, the food is, (in my humble opinion) delicious. But for those of you who are afraid of healthy options, don’t worry, those who work there aren’t afraid to slather on the ketchup and other less-than-healthy toppings, and there are shelves lined with sweets that are laden with sugar.


My first East Side Burger

Another one of my recent foodie escapades involved a classic French delicacy: the crepe. The acquiring of the crepe was nothing special, simply a crepe stand along the street, but it was recommended by friends, as it apparently has some of the best crepes ever. Well, my friends certainly had good information. I had a Nutella-banana-almond crepe, and let me tell you, that thing was an incredible experience. When I was done, I sadly tossed my napkin in the garbage, as I honestly wanted to eat the whole thing again, bite by sugary bite.


An incredible roadside crepe stand

The last place I want to talk about isn’t really a place. It’s not really a specific event either. So why am I talking about it? I’m not sure. But, nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite places to get food in Paris: the marché. You know farmers markets in the US? That’s basically what a marché is, except much more common, much bigger, and much cooler because, well, it’s French! My favorite one in the city is just steps from my front door! Right outside my apartment is a square called “La Place du Marché,” and on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I walk out to find that stands have been erected overnight, and if you have the courage to dive in, you can find all sorts of everything, both food and beyond. There’s fruit, bread, quiche, vegetables, spices, shoes, clothes, toys, and more.


The delicious beauty of a nutella-banana-almond crepe

But I want to talk about the fruit, just for a bit. I want you to understand that French fruit is amazing. Like, it’s so beautiful. The colors are vibrant, and it tastes delicious as well. Like, if I could choose only one food to eat for the rest of my time here, I would choose Pink Lady apples. Plus, it’s super cheap as well! Today I went to the marché, and I bought three bananas, three peaches, and three apples, all for less than five euros! That’s so awesome!

But anyways, enough about fruit (even though fruit is great and I would gladly keep talking about it). There you have a few of my comments on the food I’ve had here. There will certainly be more. How can there not be, this is France? But for now, I’ll leave you with some beautiful pictures of some of the amazing food I’ve had the pleasure to eat.


A bagel stuffed with guac, lettuce, and other veggies


A goat cheese quiche, ordered and eaten at La Musee d’Orday


banana ice cream on a hot day


The prettiest ice cream you could imagine


Free applesauce from Roland Garros (yes, even their applesauce is delicious)


artichokes dipped in a mustard type sauce, provided by my host family. it might not sound too great, but it was surprisingly good


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