The Library, The Theater, and Lebanese Cuisine


In Front of La Bibliotheque Mazarine


Inside the bibliothque

Hello to all! I just wanted to give a quick update on various going-ons happening in the city of Paris! The place continues to amaze me, for one. There are so many new things to try cool buildings to see and places to go and experiences to have. One of those places, as pictured, is La Bibliotheque Mazarine, or the Mazarine Library. In a quest to learn more about education in Paris, we were sent to this beautiful building. We had to climb a set of ornate steps and show various forms of identification in order to enter, but eventually we got to the place you see above. Basically, it’s the most extravagant, book-filled study room that I have ever laid my eyes on, and I love it.


Getting ready for Scapin


American kids take on french theater

In other areas, on Tuesday night I went to see “Les Fourberies de Scapin,” a comedic play by the French writer Moliere. I must say, it was actually pretty funny. The physical and verbal comedy were both hilarious, and even those in my class who aren’t big fans of theater admitted that they loved it. Afterwards, we even got to talk with some of the cast (who humored us by speaking English when our French abilities fell short). And for those of you who are shocked that I can understand an ancient French piece of theater, don’t worry, I can’t! An interesting thing about this play was that English “subtitles” of what the actors were saying were projected onto a screen above the stage. I’d never experienced anything similar to that before, and I must say that I really appreciated the captions filling in the (large) gaps in the story that were left by my French skills.


12 Lebanese dishes, otherwise known as a table of delicious culinary wonder

Finally, on Monday (since I’m going backwards in time), I went to a Lebanese restaurant! I know, I know, Lebanese in Paris, how ridiculous is that? But honestly, it was really good, and trying another new culture while already in an unfamiliar environment was certainly an interesting (and delicious) twist. Plus, the place is actually the oldest Lebanese restaurant in Paris, so one could argue I was experiencing history as well! I ordered a platter where I got to sample 12 different Lebanese dishes. They ranged from the familiar (the best hummus I’ve ever had, falafel, pita bread) to a lot of new dishes (Lebanese type mozzarella sticks, parsley salad, eggplant hummus dip, this fried thing with powdered cheese inside, Lebanese beans, and more).

So there you have a few updates on where I am in my Parisian adventures. So far, homework has been consuming this week, so I haven’t had a lot of time for exploration. However, this weekend the class is taking an excursion to the city of Lyon, so stay tuned!


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